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Greenbridge Master Plan

The Greenbridge Master Plan includes innovation in using Active Design strategies in site planning for housing mixed with recreational facilities.

Major challenges to revitalizing the 100-acre site included creating a walkable design that fit within the context of the existing diverse, low income, low-density neighborhood. The challenge grew even further with the goal of transforming the single-use residential configuration into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood.

Innovations occurred at the design as well as policy levels. Placemaking was achieved with particular creativity for this project type, with over twenty art elements commissioned. Art is located in relation to the reserved existing trees to enrich sensory cues that support walkability and create nodes for community gathering. A number of regulatory changes were required by King County in order to accomplish the desired design outcome. An innovative Demonstration Ordinance, supported by King County, enabled a number of variances to Land Use and Building Codes, and allowed for several alternative design solutions to achieve affordable housing in a low-impact development.

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