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The Edible Roof: A Guide to Productive Rooftop Gardening

The objective of the four-year research project was to empower communities to establish their own urban rooftop farm projects, to promote healthier high-density urban lifestyles and to allow urban roof farms to contribute to the greening of the city. It addresses the unique challenges of urban farming on high-rise buildings, providing best-practice to help community groups establish roof-top farms on under-used urban roof spaces at minimal cost.

The potential for urban rooftop farms in Hong Kong alone is immense. More than 30 have been completed since the Hong Kong University demonstration farm, but the author estimates that there are at least 3000 potential sites. The edible roof project has sought to codify community-based urban rooftop farming practices so that they can be incorporated within urban land use planning and decision-making processes.

Read the article here

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