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The social and economic importance of green and blue areas

In recent years, more and more data has become available about the benefits of green in towns and cities. Most people prefer living in green districts. House prices in green districts or along water or areas of vegetation are relatively higher than elsewhere. To draw citizens with higher levels of education, towns and cities need to be attractive and offer green and culture.

Vegetation helps people to recover faster from illness; this reduces costs of healthcare and improves the patients’ quality of life. This aspect of introducing vegetation in and around hospitals is increasingly becoming a topic of focus in connection with the concept of a ‘healthy environment’.

Since the creation of the first people’s parks, urban planners have been aware of the fact that vegetation enhances the quality of life for townspeople. Green areas are places where people can go for recreation and physical exercise or simply to find some peace and quiet. This benefits their health and reduces the stress levels of the average city dweller. Creative play areas in nature are important for children to enhance their social skills and concentration. Both vegetation near their homes for everyday play and larger green facilities in the town or city or on the periphery, for example for bicycle rides, are important.

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